Offering bite-size entertainment within the McDonald’s app

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February is the most challenging month to drive traffic at McDonald’s Australia locations. The brand needed to connect with customers directly and find a way to drive immediate traffic into restaurants through the MyMacca’s app.

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To drive people into stores, we needed to get them engaging with the app. Our approach went beyond push notifications or advertisements. Instead, we designed a compelling experience that would excite customers and provide tangible reasons to head into stores. Inspired by the insight that over 17 million Australians are now gamers, we helped McDonald’s tap into this culture by providing customers with an opportunity to play games within the MyMacca’s app and win prizes.​

screenshot of character in mini game
geometric mcdonald's food art


The result was Macca’s Mini Games, a hub of bite-sized entertainment which used gamification to give customers a reason to keep returning to the app. Customers had the chance to win iconic food offers every day, and our full-length mobile game, “Maccas Run” offered customers the chance to win cash prizes. This fully native in-app game integrated with McDonald’s tech stack technology, powered by tms’s own iWin gaming technology.


4 entries screen from mobile game


17 Minutes
average time per session
73% Users
returned to the experience
59% Played
Macca’s run
38% Redeemed
at least one food prize

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