Solidifying Samsung Galaxy as the go-to brand for mobile gamers

Person playing a mobile game


tms had to establish Samsung Galaxy as a prominent player in mobile gaming and authentically connect with Gen Z gamers.

Samsung Galaxy and Tribe logo


A huge Gen Z passion area is mobile gaming. While gaming, in general, has grown exponentially, mobile esports and gaming specifically have made significant contributions to that growth. We needed to demonstrate the power and performance of Samsung mobile devices by showcasing how the mobile esports players compete better and win more with Samsung Galaxy.


tms set out to solidify Samsung Galaxy as the leading brand for mobile gamers, and what better way to do that than to turn the world’s biggest mobile gaming creators into Galaxy ambassadors? We needed to find the right partner to collaborate with. Introducing Tribe Gaming, America’s most influential mobile esports organization, with 21 creators and 28 esports players. We created a wealth of custom Tribe/Samsung Galaxy content that featured the creators using the device. This was used across multiple channels and included: announcement videos and cut-downs, YouTube video integrations, social posts, and creating its own bespoke tournament.

4 people


60+ Million
device views in action
98.3% Positive
brand sentiment
20+ Created
unique pieces of content

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