Multiply the value of your marketing or sourcing efforts with a suite of proprietary products and the latest data-informed technology solutions.
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Enable frictionless customer experiences.

Digital innovation that excites and engages customers.

Unleashing the true potential of customer data through real-time, actionable insights and powerful intelligent technologies

Our suite of tech products

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From motivating and incentivizing customers to predictive analytics, amp’t is tms’s proprietary suite of data-driven, customer-centric tools that seamlessly integrate into technology platforms and amplify brands. Utilizing the power of “and,” amp’t gives you marketing without limits. Short-term and long-term executions. Small-scale and large-size programs. Customizable and reliable products.

Executes optimized offers that incentivize and drive customer behavior.
Displays merchandising and marketing elements in a retail space from a customer’s point of view.
Connects physical objects and environments with mobile devices to deliver interactive digital experiences.
Mirrors the real world through predictive data models that can be manipulated and analyzed.
Motivates and rewards customers through exciting digital games of chance.
Creates multi-channel, multi-tactic marketing campaigns driven by data insights.
A fully integrated marketing platform that manages the strategy, planning, approval, and trafficking of in-store digital assets.

Featured Work

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