McDonald’s Asia-wide National Breakfast Day campaign needed a digital component to boost breakfast sales across the region. Driven by the business goal to increase the breakfast business by 1% year-on-year, we tapped into the insight that most people hate mornings, but love them if there is something to look forward to. We created a promotion that was specifically designed to grow brand awareness and boost customer interaction every day.

surprises every day


Alarm clocks are enmeshed in our daily routines, with around 85% of people using one. However, they tend not to be thought of positively. We wanted to find a way for McDonald’s to become part of customers’ morning rituals but in a positive way. The McDonald’s Surprise alarm flips the negative connotations of an alarm clock on its head by giving customers something worth getting up for every day.

phone app


tms created McDonald’s Surprise Alarm app, an alarm clock that delivers a fun surprise each morning. Users received McDonald’s food items, partner music tracks, entertainment, and more. From the strategy to the app build and even the language translations, we took the lead on bringing the customer experience to life. Our proprietary technology product iWin integrated with the app, empowering the prize distribution. Like a big roulette wheel in the cloud, it returned a secure, valid, and fair prize result in real time with each and every game play. With over 7.5 million app opens per day, the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm built brand affinity, increased visits, and drove incremental transactions in Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.​


7.5 Million
App opens

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