Boosting the momentum of a long-standing program

Monopoly Coast to Coast


Find a compelling way to drive sales, guest counts, and digital engagement from a successful long-standing program.

peeling a sticker off a cup


Our research showed that guests were getting tired of collecting duplicate game stamps. With the intent of driving renewed excitement in stamp collecting, we gave every game stamp additional value online.​

treasure chest illustration


Within tms’s digital experience we introduced the Bonus Chest. With every 5 game stamps entered, the Bonus Chest unlocked up to 8 exclusive partner discounts. We continued to exceed sales, guests counts, and check benchmarks from the previous year. Additionally, the game website continues to see high engagements with all aspects of the game.

burger box


2.6 Million
13% YoY
visitor growth
11 Million
code entries
5% YoY
code entry growth

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