tms transforms McDonald’s into the anime world of WcDonald’s for latest campaign

WcDonald's retail promotion poster with a drawing of McNuggets and the WcDonald's sauce with the text

McDonald’s is transforming into the anime world of WcDonald’s and flipping customers’ worlds upside down with the introduction of the new WcDonald’s sauce! Running from February 26 to March 24, The WcDonald’s promotion is a global campaign, with an extra digital element available to US customers. The campaign commissioned expert artists from Japan, like Acky Bright, Studio Pierrot, and G Angle to illustrate the featured anime and manga content. Through a blend of weekly anime episodes, manga and immersive experiences, fans will be transported into the epic world of WcDonalds!

This is a groundbreaking campaign for McDonald’s. Partnerships from around the world brought to life an imaginative, energetic new world to be explored and experienced. 

Melinda West
Senior Producer at tms

tms played a pivotal role with lead agency Wieden+Kennedy to make WcDonald’s a reality. As the hero product of the campaign, WcDonald’s sauce is a savory chili sauce sure to have everyone’s tastebuds sizzling with delight! tms’ embedded packaging design agency, Boxer Brand Design, customized the WcDonald’s sauce containers for the occasion, making the packaging pop by adding a metallic, holographic gold background to the sauce lid and using a bright red cup.  

Customers are welcome to add the sauce to any order, but we can contest that the WcDonald’s sauce pairs beautifully with Chicken McNuggets, which have been transformed into Chicken WcNuggets with manga-inspired custom packaging developed in collaboration with artist Acky Bright. In a first for the brand, Boxer helped transform McDonald’s carry-out bags, featuring a manga comic drawn by Bright, but we didn’t stop there. Cups and fry cartons have also been adorned with the soon-to-be iconic WcDonald’s logo. Bright’s manga artwork can also be found on the back of your receipt! 

In order to build a truly immersive customer experience at retail, tms commissioned our own specialized Japanese illustrator, G Angle, to produce illustrated food items like Chicken McNuggets, fries, drinks, and the WcDonald’s sauce that are executed authentic to the Japanese anime style and brings through a whole new approach to showcasing McD food products at the channel. This unique and never done before approach to food illustrations allowed us to create a clear and cohesive visual identity across all retail and digital touchpoints including menu boards, self-ordering kiosks, retail posters, and drive-thru elements. 

tms is also bringing the world of WcDonald’s to life digitally with WcDonalds.coma content-based website dedicated to the program, built by tms. gives US customers access to exclusive weekly content like anime episodic shorts and manga chapters, created specifically for the WcDonald’s program by Acky Bright and Studio Pierrot. To maintain as a program traffic driver, grants access to the program’s manga chapters and anime episodic shorts to only customers who scan the code on the program’s carryout bags after making a purchase. From there, customers will have full access to watch the anime episodic shorts, read the manga chapters, and learn more about all 22 individual characters featured in the program, including their names, biographies, images and birthdays. 

This promotion only lasts one month, so make sure to go to your local McDonald’s to try the new WcDonald’s sauce. US customers, don’t forget to unlock the digital world of anime and manga content at participating McDonald’s while supplies last! 


tms commits to 13000 volunteer hours in 2024 

February 16, 2024
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Dressed to impress: tms helps source more sustainable uniforms for McDonald’s US

4 McDonald's employees in the new uniforms

As part of McDonald’s pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, they empower their partners and suppliers to innovate by exploring renewable energy, advancing the circular economy, and switching to more sustainable packaging and product options. tms took this challenge to heart, and our team worked with uniform partner, Way To Be, to find a more sustainable way to dress crew members in the United States every day, ultimately landing on designs made with CiCLO® technology.  

tms worked with its supplier partners to produce a brand-new crew uniform that’s designed to prevent millions of pounds of microplastic from polluting the air, sea, and soil in our communities. Bonus points: they look great and are comfortable too! 

Due to the textile, fashion, and uniform industries use of synthetic materials — namely plastic in the form of polyester — McDonald’s wanted to find alternative materials that were just as durable yet more environmentally sustainable. tms chose to source CiCLO® technology because it is a patented textile ingredient designed to mitigate fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution, one of the most prevalent forms of microplastic pollution in aquatic, atmospheric, and terrestrial environments around the globe. CiCLO® technology allows synthetic fibers to biodegrade at a rate similar to natural materials like wool, making it an effective circular solution that leaves behind nothing but natural elements.

.CiCLO technology was first introduced to tms from category supplier Way To Be in partnership with Intrinsic Advanced Materials.  Starting with McDonald’s iconic apron, the team completed product development, in-restaurant wear tests and research within select McDonald’s restaurants.  Successful results led to the systemwide introduction of the apron, as well as making additional uniform products with CiCLO technology available including graphic crewshirts and denim jeans.  


After years of research and development, we are very proud of our suppliers’ focus and partnership as we successfully launch the uniform category’s first sustainable initiative for our shared client McDonald’s.

Betty Vitek
Senior Category Manager of Uniforms at tms

tms oversees the design and materials sourced to produce the uniforms manufactured by supplier partners Way To Be and Affinity (a Mi Hub Brand). This project is an example of the Better Future Blueprint in action, our framework which inspires us to join initiatives that create a better future for people, communities, and the planet. By offering solutions to our clients, we provide global powerhouses like McDonald’s with cutting-edge technology, creating a more sustainable future while simultaneously aligning with our own Corporate Social Responsibility values.  

Read more about McDonald’s new crew uniforms with CiCLO® technology on McDonald’s Newsroom. Learn more about tms’ sourcing operations and the Better Future Blueprint on our website.  

tms innovates McDonald’s UK first promo of the year, ‘Fry-anuary Rewards!’

Logo of the campaign that says

tms and McDonald’s UK recently innovated the first MyMcDonald’s Rewards sales promotion of the year, ‘Fry-anuary Rewards.’ Running from January 3 until the end of the month, customers who purchase Medium or Large Fries and are signed up to MyMcDonald’s Rewards will have the chance to win a variety of entertaining prizes like a holiday with spending money, cinema tickets, cash, and more!

As lead agency, tms developed ‘Fry-anuary Rewards’ with the all agency group to deliver McDonald’s customers with feel-good prizes throughout the month of January. If a person purchases four Fries via the app throughout January, they are awarded 4,000 additional MyMcDonald’s Reward’s Points to incentivize participation, which was managed by eCRM agency Armadillo

To kick off the year we have launched the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Sales Promotion ‘Fry-anuary Rewards’, bringing together the customers love of Fries and the chance to win prizes all throughout January! The option to earn 4,000 bonus MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points, in addition to winning great prizes is an all-around win for customers.

Olivia Sewell
Senior Account Manager at tms

Charged with spreading much needed Feel-Goodness in January, tms has been at the heart of bringing this campaign to life. From concept to game mechanics, visual identity to prize pool partnerships, strategic lead to digital delivery and more, tms have woven all these elements into a compelling experience with an exciting but simple campaign, making entering easy and desirable for customers to take part.

This promotion ends January 31, so if you’re in the UK, head over to your local McDonald’s to participate in ‘Fry-anuary Rewards!’

tms honored for long-term partnership at McDonald’s India Supplier Symposium

The recipient holding the award at the India supplier symposium in front of a McDonald's sign.

tms was recently honored at the McDonald’s India Supplier Symposium for our unwavering dedication, shared achievements, and long-term partnership of 27 years with McDonald’s India. The symposium took place from December 4 to 6 in Goa, India to discuss McDonald’s future goals in the supply chain and sourcing categories, with suppliers from categories like food and beverage, equipment, and packaging attending the event. 

McDonald’s highlighted tms for the key role we play in their supply chain and sourcing successes, garnering attention from McDonald’s clients and other suppliers alike. Our parent company, HAVI, achieved a significant feat by winning the most awards in the packaging category than any other company.

In the luminosity of this accolade, we derive affirmation for our unwavering dedication and draw inspiration for the journey that lies ahead. This achievement transcends mere recognition; it stands as a reflection of the collective spirit propelling our organization towards a purposeful and impactful future.

Nadir Ali
Director of Account Management at tms India

We are proud to be recognized by McDonald’s for our partnership, and this award invigorates our teams to continue streamlining best practices, sourcing quality ingredients and materials, and delivering the best possible customer experience. 

Learn more about our global sourcing operations for McDonald’s on our website.

The Kerwin Frost Box dropped at McDonald’s

Large sign of the Kerwin Frost Meal and characters with McDonald's store in the background

McDonald’s latest campaign featuring The Kerwin Frost Box has dropped around the globe. Kerwin Frost is a life-long McDonald’s lover as well as a creative director, DJ, street style icon, interview host, and artist from Harlem best known for his work within the fashion and music spheres.

This campaign merges his style with the iconic elements of McDonald’s brand. With The Kerwin Frost Box customers have their choice of a Big Mac® sandwich or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets® with medium World Famous Fries, a medium drink, and a McNugget Buddies collectible.

tms helped create an integrated Kerwin Frost Box experience for customers, leveraging our capabilities in packaging, product, and retail experience. This is the second program of this kind. Read about our work on The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box earlier this year. 

tms’s embedded branding and packaging design agency Boxer Brand Design helped bring the box to life, while tms and HAVI managed the procurement of raw materials and box production. Designed by Kerwin Frost, the box artwork features The McNugget Buddies of Frost Way. Each of these champions self-expression differently through their unique outfits and stories — Kerwin Frost through limitless creativity and laughter, Brrrick through high-fashion, Darla through music, Waffutu through helping others in need, Don Bernice through entrepreneurship, and Uptown Moe through hometown pride.

Image of the Kerwin Meal box

The McNugget Buddies can be remixed and styled, swapping the outfits from one to another, encouraging customers to collect them all and get creative. Each comes with a collectible trading card with more info about who the buddy is. These collectibles and outfits were designed by Kerwin and produced by tms’ collaborative global teams.

A full lineup of the McNugget buddies
6 McNugget buddies playing cards

Across retail touchpoints in-store and at drive-thru, we also crafted visual elements that integrate the box’s style to surprise and delight customers throughout their purchasing journey, communicate the new exciting box, unique collectibles  and drive home craveability.

Kerwin McDonald's retail electronic kiosks

Head to your nearest McDonald’s to grab your Kerwin Frost Box before they’re gone!

@2023 McDonalds 

tms and Boxer Brand Design bring a modern flare to McCafé holiday cups

Image of 7 McCafe holiday cups with geometric holiday designs in a row.

tms brought holiday cheer to McCafé Holiday cups this season with a new festive and modern design! During the Holidays, McDonald’s wants to celebrate everyone with a design that is bold like McCafé drinks, simple like their menu, and colorful like everyone that visits McDonald’s. These festive cups bring holiday cheer with every sip and will be available from November 20 to December 29 in the US, making daily life a little more joyful. 

Boxer Brand Design, tms’ embedded brand identity and packaging agency crafted the cups in a celebratory, colorful, and geometrical manner, staying true to McCafé’s sleek yet bold design style. The cup’s contemporary design contains vibrant hues of pink, green, red, blue, and yellow, with geometric holiday motifs like Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Every year, the Boxer team waits with anticipation to work on the McCafé holiday cups. It is one of our favorite projects, and the work keeps getting better and better. We are building momentum with these new designs based on the success of the 2022 cups, which got us to win 6 design awards!

Diana Samper
SVP Group Creative Director at tms

Explore more of Boxer Brand Design’s cutting-edge work with McDonald’s on their website.

tms takes home sustainability award at McDonald’s 2023 Japan Supplier Summit

Two men bowing while shaking hands in front of the McDonald's logo at the award ceremony

tms was recently honored at the 2023 McDonald’s Japan Supplier Summit in Tokyo on November 17 for our sustainable business initiatives. tms Japan was presented with the prestigious “Giving Back to the Community Together Award,” which recognizes tms for our commitments to bettering the communities we live and work in.

The “Giving Back to the Community Together Award” embodies one of the four major strategic focuses identified by McDonald’s Japan. This award signifies the strong partnership and successful collaboration amongst our teams to create positive change for our planet. We are extremely honored to be recognized by McDonald’s for our ongoing diligence in the supply chain and category management industries. This award further motivates our commitment to help McDonald’s achieve their sustainable brand goals for 2025, driving industry excellence and innovation that will lead to a brighter future.

Toshihiko (Toshi) Hobo, Account Management Director of Sourcing at tms, graciously accepted the award on behalf of tms at the summit and represents one of the many colleagues who played an integral role in the receival of this award.

The competition amongst suppliers to receive this award has always been fierce, so we are extremely honored to be recognized by McDonald’s Japan. We believe our efforts paid off with this acknowledgement, and our motivation to succeed has increased even more with this vote of confidence. This award is a result of teamwork across all tms stakeholders, and we are thrilled to have won in the sustainability category, which is such a critical strategic area for both tms and McDonald’s. We love the McDonald’s business!

Toshihiko (Toshi) Hobo
Account Management Director of Sourcing at tms

Learn more about our commitment to helping leading companies achieve their sustainable business objectives through our Better Future Blueprint, and read more about McDonald’s environmental goals on their planet impact overview.

Squishmallows continues the fun for McDonald’s Autumn Happy Meal®!

Poster image of the Squishmallows Autumn Happy Meal logo with characters

Squishmallows will continue the cuddles for McDonald’s new Autumn Happy Meal®! The campaign will run from November 1 to 21 exclusively in the UK and ROI. Squishmallows are internationally bestselling plush which unite children through their colorful personalities!

The program unveils a new collection of plush toys, including Tatiana the Dragon, Benny the Big Foot and Fifi the Fox! The Happy Meal® boxes also feature autumnal motifs and are the perfect setting for your cuddly Squishmallows friends to hang out in.

Along with the Squishmallows toys, kids can enjoy seasonal activity sheets and the latest edition of the Little People, BIG DREAMS® book series, “I Can Be a Brilliant Scientist.” Little People, BIG DREAMS® encourages children to read through motivational and engaging stories in hopes of motivating children to achieve their dreams.

Squishmallows teaming up with Happy Meal® is an absolute win! Squishmallows has broad appeal reaching both kids and grown-ups. Truly everyone gets to relish in the Happy Meal® magic, with adorable autumn-themed toys that have everyone flocking to McDonald’s for a taste of squishy cuteness. It was such fun working on this program.

Kayleigh Schofield
Design Director at tms

tms was responsible for the toy development and packaging of the Squishmallows toys, as well as the development and packaging of the Little People, Big Dreams book series. Our team designed the digital play retail elements, as well as all retail POP materials, including in-store posters, drive-thru banners, digital window screens, activity sheets, flags, and fruit packaging.

Your favorite fall Squishmallows friends won’t be around forever, so make sure to head on over to your local McDonald’s if you are in the UK or Ireland!

tms creates a spooky soft experience with Squishmallows and McDonald’s UK

tms creates a spooky soft experience with Squishmallows and McDonald’s UK

This Halloween season, Squishmallows brought squad-ghouls to McDonald’s Happy Meal®! The Squishmallows Halloween Happy Meal® ran exclusively in the UK and ROI from October 11 to 31, featuring plush toys with unique and colorful personalities that unite the world through universal cuddly experiences everyone can enjoy! They are considered the number one selling toy by The NPD Group and have received seven Toy of the Year Awards for their cuddly friends.

The Halloween Happy Meal® included six spooky yet soft Squishmallows toys — Drake the Dracula, Bella the Spider, Wade the Werewolf, and more! The Happy Meal® boxes were eerie-sistably festive, with different characters featured in a spooky pumpkin patch! The family fun packs and activation kits with frightfully fun games and activities allowed families to continue the ghoulish games at home. On top of all the thrills, McDonald’s also gave out the book ‘I Can Champion Change’ with all Happy Meals® as part of their Little People, Big Dreams reading series.

Collaborating with an iconic license and bringing it to life through Happy Meal® was an absolute delight. We can hardly contain our excitement to witness fans’ responses to these lovable collectibles!

Romie Munro
Junior Designer at tms

tms was involved with many aspects of this campaign. We were responsible for the toy development and packaging, as well as all digital play elements. We also managed the Little People, Big Dreams book development and fruit packaging. tms designed all point of purchase retail media, including in-store posters, drive-thru banners, digital window screens, and digital menu boards.

While this promotion has ended, make sure to check out our new Squishmallows Autumn Happy Meal® campaign!



Christmas comes early with McDonald’s ‘Festive Wins’!

3 iPhone screens with the McDonald's 'Festive Wins' game pages on the phone screens.

tms is proud to announce McDonald’s ‘Festive Wins’ campaign, launching exclusively in the UK November 1. Through the month, McDonald’s UK will transform their app into a festive experience to get customers in the holiday spirit, revealing feel-good offers, over a million prizes, and 30 chances to win per day!

I am delighted that Christmas has come early for McDonald’s customers with our brilliant new promotion ‘Festive Wins’. I am so proud to see this campaign come to life, a digital first for McDonald’s UK, with 30 days of discounted food, prizes and very merry merchandise in our app serving as a festive treat for millions of our customers.

Kat Howcroft
Digital & Media at McDonald’s

During the week, players will receive a guaranteed food offer, like 99 pence Big Macs, and on the weekends, participants can win exclusive merchandise and cash giveaways. Prizes include cinema tickets, gift cards, movie rentals, festive gloves and jumpers, £1,000 cash prizes, and more! To play, customers must engage with that day’s reveal in the app, and they can then participate once per day for a chance to win. Winners can then come back and claim their prize anytime during the promotion!

Festive Wins’ cleverly leans into the spirit of the festive season through a fun, interactive and magical in-app experience. As customers look to the brands they love for generosity, McDonald’s is bringing it for an entire month in this unique 30-day celebration.

Gemma Downing
Account Director of Delivery at tms

As the lead agency of the campaign, tms conceptualized ‘Festive Wins’ visual identity which is composed of festive motifs and animations to bring a burst of holiday cheer on the app. tms also developed the in-app and digital experience, along with the gaming mechanic, creating a game that uplifts customer spirits by rewarding them with prizes from their favorite brands.

Download the McDonald’s app to participate in ‘Festive Wins’ and have a chance at winning over a million prizes!

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