McDonald’s Boo Buckets are back!

4 Halloween Happy Meal Boo Buckets against McDonald's Logo

McDonald’s Boo Buckets are back in the US and better than ever this Halloween season! The Boo Bucket Happy Meal® campaign will exclusively run for two weeks, or while supplies last, starting on October 17. As the spooky season creeps around the corner, this campaign will give customers a taste of just how thrilling Halloween at McDonald’s can be! Instead of a traditional box, each Happy Meal® will be packaged inside a Boo Bucket. A nostalgic fan-favorite and also a practical, collectible item that all families can enjoy, this promotion is perfect for consumers of all ages. Customers can then use the festive Boo Buckets to trick or treat, as decoration, or to store their leftover candy! 

The newest Boo Bucket pays homage to the past by bringing back the purple bucket seen in their original Halloween lineup with a new vampire character! The green, white, and orange buckets from last year will also be available with new spooky characters to enjoy.

It is so much fun working on such an iconic program. We are all really excited to see the fans’ reactions to the 4 newest members of the Boo Buckets crew!

Mae Matoka
Account Executive at tms

tms and Boxer Brand Design were involved with all aspects of the campaign, from the production of the buckets to the in-store marketing. We worked with US vendors to manufacture, color, and print the buckets. tms also designed all retail posters, digital menu boards, drive-thru signage, and digital app elements.

Make sure to head on over to your nearest McDonald’s to join in on the latest tricks and treats!

2 Boo ads side by side with the purple Boo Bucket on the left and the other four boo buckets stacked on the right