tms supports McDonald’s launch of the new Grandma McFlurry®

Grandma McFlurry retail poster

There’s no place like grandma’s house, and now customers can taste that feeling with McDonald’s new Grandma McFlurry®! This new McFlurry is available exclusively in the US, running from May 21 to June 16 while supplies last. 

This delectable dessert takes inspiration from the comforting flavors of classic sweet treats, blending creamy vanilla soft serve with rich, syrupy swirls and candy crumbles reminiscent of grandma’s favorites she kept in her purse. It’s a nostalgic journey back to the memories with our grandmas, where every bite was filled with warmth and love. 

Being able to work on the new Grandma McFlurry® and help make these celebratory moments special at McDonald’s was so exciting. The team explored some amazing creative ways in to bring this work to life – we can’t wait to get our sweet treat!

Elizabeth Toscano
Account Supervisor at tms

Our embedded packaging agency, Boxer Brand Design, was responsible for the packaging design – drawing inspiration from household décor normally found at grandma’s house, like doilies and heartwarming signs with handwritten messages of endearment.  

tms sourced the themed packaging, which includes two limited edition Grandma McFlurry® cups and carryout bags. tms also designed the retail elements around the store, including stop motion elements at the point of order, promotional posters, drive-thru banners, and more, featuring bold fonts in a pink and orange color scheme stating familiar sayings like “xoxo, Grandma” or “save room for dessert.”