Driving sales through brand heritage

A man in Juventus uniform posing for the camera


tms set out to create a FW 23/24 kit launch campaign for the adidas-sponsored Juventus Football club Long hailed the “Bianconeri” for the club’s black and white striped uniforms, we saw an opportunity to bring this strong visual motif to life with a film and campaign photography that honored and celebrated the club’s rich Italian heritage and loyal fanbase dubbed the “heard”.

Capitalizing on the untapped potential of club kits as cultural and streetwear icons, we collaborated with adidas to make this vision come to life.

Image of people opening doors dressed up in uniform


tms used renowned Italian imagery as a creative starting point, merging references such as Paolo Sorrentino’s surrealist film, The Great Beauty, with Juventus’ core values and design hallmarks. The iconic Bianconeri stripes are a thread that runs throughout the video and photography, establishing a clear, captivating, and unique visual identity for the brand, setting it apart from competitors. This elevated presentation of the FW 23/24 kit was an expression of the club’s individuality to inspire positive sentiment, create hype, galvanize fans, and ultimately boost adidas sales.  

A man in the Juventus black and white striped football outfit


Leading the creative direction and production, tms provided Bianconceri fans with an immersive tour of Villa Perosa, just a 25-minute drive from the football club’s training grounds in Italy. Directed by Theodore Guelat and photographed by Dali Geralli, the campaign cast Juventus players, legends, and fans in unexpecting roles, featuring stars like Alessandro Del Piero, Danilo, Lisa Boattin, Kenan Yildiz, Dean Huijsen.

While the campaign is inspired by classic Italian surrealism, we balanced this with modern techniques such as 3D scanning techniques and aerial views of the estate. The zebra print is featured throughout, from the top hats, interiors, and jerseys to an actual horse dressed as a zebra. The end scene pans out to a portrait of the Juventus “family” featured in the film, symbolizing the power of the Juventus fandom and demonstrating that success is built off years of teamwork between the club and its fans.  

Portrait of all the Juventus cast members with members in the front row in striped jerseys and the text

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