SCA students visit tms’ London office for marketing showcase

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In collaboration with the School of Communication Arts (SCA), tms hosted a showcase at our London office to give SCA students a glimpse into daily life at our company, highlighting our work and capabilities. The SCA is a portfolio school which aims to provide diverse and neurodiverse individuals with equal opportunities to become marketing professionals by giving them exposure to industry leaders and bestowing them with the confidence and industrial insights they need to succeed in the future. 

Members of tms explained the distinct functions of various departments, how agency teams work cross functionally, who our major clients are, and more. This witty presentation was followed by a round of “what would you do?” to encourage comfortability and participation during the session.

Students were also given a chance to aid in the creation of a McDonald’s MONOPOLY brief, which is the biggest sales promotion in the UK. These sets of fresh eyes help bring new ideas to the table and give the students insight into tasks they may be assigned as professionals.

Students have adapted very well to the integration of AI at SCA, bringing mockups, mood boards, and imagery to life through the tool. This knowledge of AI will prove to be very beneficial for the next generation of creative talent, as companies begin increasing AI’s practical applications, and highlights just how talented the students at SCA are.

This is just one of the many things we love about the SCA, and the incredible learning environment Mark Lewis, Marcia Miller, and the rest of the team create. We’re delighted to be a sponsor agency of all the fantastic work they’re doing to bring the next generation of creative talent into the industry.

Mark Kelly
Creative Director at tms

Learn more about our sponsorship of SCA.

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