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We are proud to announce that we are now sponsors of the School of Communications Arts (SCA) and will start our relationship by sponsoring the fees for a student for the 2022/23 academic year. Located in Brixton London, the SCA has a diverse range of students — students who would typically see a marketing career as out of their reach. Their focus on diversity and neurodiversity explains their success in both awards and the percentage of students who realise their full potential. It also teaches us that the more diverse we are, the better our solutions.

The School of Communication Arts 2.0 is a portfolio school, supported by over 100 top agencies, who donate money to fund scholarships. Typically, over a third of each cohort benefits from industry-funded assistance. Students can enrol on a 12-month intensive course at the London studio or join the course online to allow for more flexibility.

As valuable learning opportunities for students is important to their journey and the course duration, the SCA provide multiple learning opportunities for sponsored students. Placements, masterclasses, mentoring and training are just some of the faculty’s activities.

By working with the SCA, we are glad we are involved in the students’ active learning. We are open to connecting with a range of diverse partners, set live briefs for individuals to work on and even hire fresh, new talent into our team. We hope our partnership with the SCA hugely contributes to diversifying the creative industry that is consistently growing at tms (formerly The Marketing Store).

“We are more than delighted to be a sponsor of the SCA — to support the school and its students and indeed learn from them in return. The school thrives on its diverse intake and the fresh and surprising thinking it brings is both fantastic to us as a creative business and the industry as a whole,” said Andy Taylor Chief Creative Officer, Global Portfolio at TMS.

“With every new partner that joins our network, they bring something special to our unique learning experience. tms (formerly The Marketing Store) is known for delivering captivating and inspirational brand experiences, and I’m incredibly excited to see this year’s set of mavericks captivated and inspired by this wonderful creative team. With their vast client list, accolades and notable work from across the globe, tms is a fantastic addition to our already brilliant partner network. I look forward to making great work with them in this school year, and for years to come,” said Marc Lewis, Dean of the School of Communication Arts.

Read more about our partnership with SCA here.


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