Winning bronze at the Global Good Awards 2023

People participating at HAVI's world cleanup day by picking up litter at the beach

We are proud to announce that our parent company HAVI, in partnership with tms, Supply Chain, and Stanley, has won the bronze for Best Campaign of the Year at the 2023 Global Good Awards! The Global Good Awards recognize companies who are trailblazers in sustainable and ethical leadership.

The campaign, called HAVI Gives: World Cleanup Day, consisted of a worldwide cleanup effort, resulting in 33 events, 914 participants, equaling 1,868 volunteer hours, and removing 7,065 kg of litter to better our communities.

I am so inspired by our global teams who rallied together to bring our commitment to life and put our values into action. Our commitment to World Cleanup Day efforts remain steadfast so I am excited to see what our teams can accomplish together this year!

Malavika Rajkumar
Senior Manager, Global Sustainability

Giving back has always been a core value, and it also aligns with our wider sustainability strategy. The World Cleanup Day initiative supports our Better Future Blueprint commitment of contributing at least 50,000 community service hours per year to help strengthen our communities.

We always encourage employees to give back, whether by donating their time to causes of their choice or by joining in company-led efforts, and such autonomy is what helped catalyze employee action for this award. This recognition is a testament to our employees’ dedication in making a positive impact on a global scale. You can learn more about all the award recipients on the Global Good Awards’ website.

HAVI World Cleanup Day poster


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