tms wins big at the 2023 Planet Mark Awards

tms employees at the 2023 Planet Mark Awards

We are honored to announce that tms, in collaboration with HAVI, has won the Employee Engagement Award at the 2023 Planet Mark Awards. The Planet Mark Awards is a global competition which recognizes leading institutions with the Planet Mark Certification for their commitments to reducing carbon emissions through sustainable practices. This award is a testament to our collective group commitment to create a better future for people, communities, and the planet, as outlined by our Better Future Blueprint. The 6th annual ceremony was hosted at the Royal Institution in London, a fitting location with a rich history of scientific celebration and progress. 

The Employee Engagement Award recognizes an organization for implementing an initiative aimed at informing, inspiring and empowering staff, unlocking their passion, and galvanizing them to take a leading role in their organization’s sustainability program. tms was awarded for our inaugural World Cleanup campaign, which spanned 52 days and involved 914 participants, totaling 1,868 volunteer hours and 7,056 kg of litter removed.

This award serves as a testament to tms’ dedication to the communities we operate in and our willingness to combat the global waste crisis. What excites me even more is how it showcases our company culture where employees have the freedom to share new ideas, and our leaders are receptive to listening.

Malavika Rajkumar Justus
Senior Manager of Global Sustainability at tms

The World Cleanup campaign was inspired by our APMEA-based teams who hosted individual beach cleanups; employees realized this strategy had the potential to reach across the globe, increasing environmental impact and organizational participation. A partnership was then formed with Let’s Do it World, one of the most significant civic movements to date to tackle the global waste problem through their initiative, World Cleanup Day.

Last year’s inaugural campaign began when one person drew inspiration from the cleanup efforts organized by our teams in Asia and wanted to do more. What we anticipated as a few additional cleanup efforts turned into a full-fledged global campaign—a true embodiment of tms’ Power of And philosophy.

Malavika Rajkumar Justus
Senior Manager of Global Sustainability at tms

Heidi Solba, the founder of Let’s Do it World, briefed the entire tms company in a panel about volunteer opportunities, waste reduction, and the global water crisis to provide context for the initiative. From there, passionate employees congregated for 33 different global events to improve the environmental wellbeing of their local communities through waste cleanups and educational sessions. These events contributed to the 50,000 hours of volunteer work that tms, HAVI, and Stanley dedicate yearly as part of our Better Future Blueprint.

Outside of collecting waste, our teammates also joined a local middle school in Brazil near our factories to talk about recycling and how they can contribute to create a more sustainable world. Between these two events alone, our South America teams impacted 300 middle school students. tms also continued our partnership with Let’s Do it World through the Digital Clean Up Day, helping individuals develop digital hygiene skills to reduce wasteful digital practices. Overall, this campaign was able to create greater traction in our volunteer commitments, while also raising awareness related to waste, consistent with our “zero waste” enterprise commitment.

It’s excellent to see so many people across tms commit time and energy to World Cleanup Day and help us in winning this award!

Jill Hay
Facilities Manager at tms

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all tms and HAVI volunteers who participated in the World Cleanup campaign; this honor could not have been achieved without your support.