tms prioritizes wellness on World Mental Health Day

tms employees participating in legal Graffiti art on the streets of London

Here at tms, we prioritize mental health and believe our employees’ mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical health. This year, tms London recognized World Mental Health Day through a series of wellness activities. World Mental Health Day is the international day for global mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigmas. 

One of the top priorities of the day was to introduce our new Mental Health Champions. This team is comprised of multiple employees that have completed Mental Health First Aid training, preparing them to help fellow employees in times of emotional distress. They reintroduced people to the wellness space in our London office, which has been set aside for meditation, praying, reading, expectant mothers, and anyone who just needs a break. The team will also be sharing more resources and hosting activities throughout the year, as part of our increased focus on supporting anyone with burnout or any other mental health issues.

Mental health has been important to me for a long time, (shoutout my therapist!) but people make assumptions that means you are in some way afflicted or suffering. The reality is that life can be hard, as we all have different stressors and responsibilities that ebb and flow. The conversations are getting louder around self care, but when things get busy it’s so easy to let it slide and to prioritize everything else but yourself.

Heather Scheftel
Director of Transformation and Mental Health Champion at tms

The team started off with a 25-minute Yoga session, ‘Mindful Seated Yoga for Beginners,’ led by Jessica Richburg. If you would like to try one of her classes, you can check out her Youtube channel.

At lunchtime, a group of novice graffitiartists set off for Leake Street, a free and legal space where anyone from beginners to professionals can spray paint. Graffiti is a great way to reduce stress and improve general wellbeing, as the creative process allows for people to take a mental break and learn new things about themselves.

It truly felt great to see so many people engage on World Mental Health Day. Even just 20 minutes of breathing and stretching made such a different to the chaotic start of my day. Stepping out at lunch for a walk in the sun and chatting to people while doing a bit of graffiti allowed me to clear my head and return to work more focused. Even as a Mental Health Champion, I know I need to be better about this in my day to day!

Heather Scheftel
Director of Transformation and Mental Health Champion at tms

The day ended on a high note with plenty of tea and cake to go around, accompanied by a fun mental health quiz!