tms, McDonald’s, and its partners create a global cultural experience

Image of the McDonald's As Featured In paper bag packaging

McDonald’s is stealing the spotlight with their newest campaign, “As Featured In.” Focusing on the brand’s presence over the past 30 years in movies, sitcoms, music, and more, the global program will run in over 100 markets worldwide starting August. “As Featured In” has various physical and digital elements that highlight the significance of McDonald’s in culture. With the “As Featured In” meal, customers can choose between a Big Mac®, Chicken McNuggets®, a Quarter-Pounder® with cheese, or a Filet-O-Fish® accompanied by Sweet ‘N Sour sauce, fries, drink, and a McFlurry® depending on the market. 

In collaboration with multiple teams across our business, tms successfully executed the campaign’s retail touchpoints, packaging pieces, and digital experience across McDonald’s locations worldwide. It’s a great example of The Power of And in action.

McDonald's chicken McNuggets with Loki sweet and sour sauce

tms designed the “As Featured In” retail assets that feature iconic menu items in dramatic, cinematic lighting, offering a robust customer journey that supports the program in all purchase zones across exterior, in-store, drive-thru, and post-purchase points.

The packaging, executed by our embedded branding and packaging agency Boxer Brand Design, showcases a list of McDonald’s credits, ranging from movie and television appearances to mentions in songs and literature. With the help of the tms global studio, the packaging was customized to fit local market needs.

It’s very exciting for our retail team, who is typically focused on US Campaigns, to increase their impact on the McDonald’s business by seeing the work expand to additional restaurants in markets across the globe. We were given the unique challenge of driving the purchase of iconic menu items while building brand affinity through highlighting McDonald’s in culture, and we’re very proud how we’ve brought the campaign to life through a minimalist yet striking cinematic visual approach to present the “As Featured In” meal.

Marjorie Novotney
Creative Director at tms

The packaging elements include a scannable code that leads users to a website created by the tms tech and digital teams. After scanning, users will reach a timeline of McDonald’s key moments in media, which was localized by tms to 30 different language iterations. This is also the only place customers can gain access to the PALACE McDonald’s Collection. Exclusive merch items will be available throughout the program’s duration, including sweatshirts, tees, and skateboards. The merchandise highlights McDonald’s iconic golden arches logo and letterboard, as well as the list of McDonald’s cameos.

3 phone screens in the McDonald's app

We’re thrilled to have been a part of this global digital campaign with McDonald’s and honored the brand entrusted tms with delivering the digital experience that brought billions of pieces of packaging to life for McDonald’s fans around the globe. It took the full collaboration of tms’s global capabilities to deliver this connected-packaging experience and is another example of our ability to deliver breakthrough experiences for brands around the world.

Jeff Thomas
SVP, Group Engagement Director at tms