tms London’s new digital design team is ready to push boundaries 

A photo of tms London's new digital team with four members posing for a photo

As an ambitious and innovation-driven company, designing successful, creative digital experiences for customers is the core of tms’ work. We are proud to introduce tms London’s first-ever permanent Digital Design team, ready to put The Power of And to work.  

tms veteran and Creative Technology Director Hils Jakison will help oversee the newfound Digital Design team, bringing years of industry experience and organizational knowledge to the table. 

“Firstly, I have to thank the business in their rapid response in putting this team together given the speed at which the industry changes. I am ecstatic to have this new, fresh and hugely talented team to collaborate with. Already, their collective vision and passion have given us the ability to accelerate through design explorations leading to different and exciting experiences,” Hils stated. 

Italian native Alessandra Maccario, Senior Digital Designer, brings nearly two decades of UX/UI design expertise, becoming the first permanent UX designer to join tms London early last year. She aims to infuse every project with empathy and inclusivity, while crafting digital experiences that break barriers and empower users.  

I was excited to join tms because it’s a digital-first, agile company. Here we’re able to define our own work style and promote inclusion and diversity—which fosters growth, collaboration, and transformative change.

Alessandra Maccario
Senior Digital Designer at tms

Senior Digital Designer Phillippa Knight brings her own decade plus of experience to the group. She was drawn to tms by the challenge of being the solo UI Designer at the time and the prospect of helping shape the future of the team and mentor junior members.  

“We’re all really excited to dive into projects that challenge us and push boundaries for user experience. We have the opportunity to improve on the overall experiences of customers on so many levels,” said Phillipa Knight, Senior Digital Designer at tms.  

Brimming with bold ideas are two Junior UI Designers, Shardai Dawkins and Inês Botequilha, who both joined this year. These two women round out a team that blends experience, energy, and the hunger to push the boundaries of digital design, bringing bold and ambitious plans for future projects to the table! 

The newly formed team will focus on drive and digital creativity, more specifically focusing on aspects like UX and UI functionality, as well as accessibility. 

“In UX design, prioritizing accessibility for people with disabilities is paramount. Every interaction, every interface, must be crafted with empathy and inclusivity in mind. This empowers individuals to navigate digital spaces with ease and dignity. We also want to create a ‘user-friendly flow’ in the functionality. The challenges come when you’re maintaining all previous features, along with working to integrate new, creative ideas smoothly into the product,” Alessandra stated. 

The women also discussed navigating professional-life in a male-dominated field: 

“You don’t really grasp or feel that it’s a male-dominated industry when everyone is respected and you’re constantly learning from one another. That’s how it feels working at tms. In previous roles, it was easy to fall into the background a lot of times when you’re the only woman in a room full of men, but I think you must remember that you deserve to be there and speak up because your ideas are valuable,” Phillipa said.  

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