tms launches ‘Masknificent’ McDonald’s Happy Meal®

Masked Singer Happy Meal® box and characters

We were proud to lead the strategy and execution of “The Masked Singer” Happy Meal® at McDonald’s in the United States, Canada (CA), the United Kingdom (UK), and the Republic of Ireland(ROI). The campaign uses the power of imagination and surprise to replicate key elements of the beloved TV series, including different iconic masked character toys.

Like guessing the singer behind the mask in the show, US and CA customers will receive a blind bag in their Happy Meal® box, giving them the chance to guess which character they’re going to get before opening it. The packaging features clues to help families guess which character is inside.

US blind packaging

US blind packaging


The UK and ROI Happy Meal box features two fan-favorites from The Masked Singer: Dragon and Unicorn. It also explains to customers how our exclusive Masked Singer digital toy experience works to extend the fun online.UK Happy Meal® Box

UK Happy Meal® Box


The digital experience was designed by our Happy Meal® of the Future team, who focus on connecting the Happy Meal® toy with mobile devices to deliver interactive experiences. By scanning the QR code on the Happy Meal® box, customers activate an AR experience where they can bring their character to life and create a custom stage for their toy to perform a concert in a virtual environment.

Our team members across tms Chicago and tms London collaborated to design the artwork, packaging, and POP elements of the Happy Meal® program.

US Characters and POP Designs

US Characters and POP Designs


In the UK and ROI, we worked with Bandicoot and feature characters from their line up. Likewise, in the US and CA, we worked with Fox to create fan-favorite characters in their first-ever consumer product to launch tied to the show, exclusive to McDonald’s.

“The Masked Singer was such a great collaboration to be a part of! Turning fan-favorite costumes into adorable Happy Meal® plush toys was such a fun experience and I have loved seeing fan (and celebrity!) reactions to the toys online!” said Mae Matoka, Associate Account Executive at tms Chicago.

“The Masked Singer was such an exciting program to work on! Using the power of imagination and surprise, we have enabled moments of care-free self-expression in our Happy Meal®. It’s time for kids to express themselves and be Masknificent!” said Jessica Bennett, Account Manager at tms London.

Read more about the program in Variety. “Be Masknificent” and head to your nearest McDonald’s to join in on the excitement.


Masked Singer UK box, characters, and digital experience

UK box, characters, and digital experience