tms launches Juventus’s new kit with iconic Bianconeri-inspired concept

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tms creates an iconic film and photography steeped in Juventus’s club’s history to launch the new 23/24 season football kits with adidas. From creative direction to production, the core values and attributes of the Juventus family are brought to life.

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The film and photography, released on August 19th, capitalizes on the untapped potential of club kits as cultural and streetwear icons and highlights Juventus as more than just a team; they are the herd of the Zebra stripes. tms was responsible for strategizing an elevated story focused on a concept that feels uniquely Juventus while recognising fans.

The key pillars of the strategy were to drive hype and sales, activate positive sentiment and express the club’s individuality while elevating the jersey details in a modern and emotional way.

Set at Villa Perosa 25 mins from the training ground, Juventus players, legends and youth team, including Alessandro Del Piero, Danilo, Lisa Boattin, Kenan Yildiz, Dean Huijsen and Bianconeri characters, play unexpected roles.

tms launches Juventus’s new kit with iconic Bianconeri inspired concept.
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The all-seeing cameras reveal our characters doing surprising things in the optimistic rebellious film; the scenes are full of Juventus insights with a surreal twist to engage with every Bianconeri fan. To balance out the classical feeling of the film, we incorporated a 3D scan technique to create an unexpected turn to the tale as we retrace the journey back through the villa from a different perspective. We then take the viewer up to the sky to see the house from above before zooming back in at lightening speed to reveal the special house guest we’ve been tracking all along. The famous Jay Mascotti!

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Directed by Theodor Guelat and photographed by Dali Geralli, the film and photography look and feel express an exaggerated and surreal vision with an Italian touch. Featuring a variety of activities occurring in different rooms of the villa, with the iconic Zebra stripes appearing throughout each scene, emphasizing the Juventus team identity.

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Working with an Italian icon like Juventus was a dream for the team, who grew up watching Gazzetta Football Italia in the 90’s… once Del Piero’s name was mentioned we pulled out all the stops to elevate the story of the new home jersey with this bold and fun film”.

Mike Wolverson
Group Account Director