tms launches adidas Outside Pace running series

group of people running on a road

tms created Outside Pace a running series to build running credibility for adidas within key running communities. A series that challenges runners to do more than simply judge their pace. To take them outside of their expectations, to disrupt the norms, and open the aperture of running, to bring together a movement.

The first of the series, adidas Outside Pace 001 with Pro:Direct took running communities outside of known roads into new horizons. On July 12th, 18 runners from crews throughout the UK were immersed on a full day with Adizero hosted by adidas partners and pro athletes who imparted their wisdom on speed, training, nutrition, and recovery.

Group of people in front of Ladybower Dam

After breakfast and a product handout in Manchester UK, the participants were driven to the iconic Ladybower Dam to kick off a 16km run direct to our off-grid base in Peak District National Park – with adidas running captain Ayo D leading the run, keeping the vibes and spirits high while offering advice and assistance.

People doing Yoga

At Edale, they were greeted with a recovery drink and a communal lunch hosted by British Olympic athlete Laviai Nielsen, which focused on the benefits of micronutrients in recovery. A brand engagement session with adidas product experts followed, which included a sneak peek at an upcoming product drop as well as a recovery session hosted by British Triathlete Alistair Brownlee.

The day was capped by a cold-water plunge and guests took home a personalized, hand-finished zine which included photography captured from the day.

A person standing in a river with people in the background

‘Outside Pace 001’ delivered a truly next-level community-led experience giving unfiltered access to talent, products, and expert advice to demonstrate the best of adidas running. It highlighted the strength of having an agency team based in the north and south of England, tapping into talent, communities, and local landscapes to create a standout experience for our runners and partners.

Mike Wolverson
Group Account Director
Open red, black, and white zine