tms innovates McDonald’s UK first promo of the year, ‘Fry-anuary Rewards!’

Logo of the campaign that says

tms and McDonald’s UK recently innovated the first MyMcDonald’s Rewards sales promotion of the year, ‘Fry-anuary Rewards.’ Running from January 3 until the end of the month, customers who purchase Medium or Large Fries and are signed up to MyMcDonald’s Rewards will have the chance to win a variety of entertaining prizes like a holiday with spending money, cinema tickets, cash, and more!

As lead agency, tms developed ‘Fry-anuary Rewards’ with the all agency group to deliver McDonald’s customers with feel-good prizes throughout the month of January. If a person purchases four Fries via the app throughout January, they are awarded 4,000 additional MyMcDonald’s Reward’s Points to incentivize participation, which was managed by eCRM agency Armadillo

To kick off the year we have launched the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Sales Promotion ‘Fry-anuary Rewards’, bringing together the customers love of Fries and the chance to win prizes all throughout January! The option to earn 4,000 bonus MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points, in addition to winning great prizes is an all-around win for customers.

Olivia Sewell
Senior Account Manager at tms

Charged with spreading much needed Feel-Goodness in January, tms has been at the heart of bringing this campaign to life. From concept to game mechanics, visual identity to prize pool partnerships, strategic lead to digital delivery and more, tms have woven all these elements into a compelling experience with an exciting but simple campaign, making entering easy and desirable for customers to take part.

This promotion ends January 31, so if you’re in the UK, head over to your local McDonald’s to participate in ‘Fry-anuary Rewards!’