tms hosts showcase for SCA students at the London office

School of Communication Arts

As proud partners of the School of Communication Arts we hosted a creative showcase for the students at our London office. The students kicked off their morning with some networking over breakfast, getting to know our tms creatives.

Following on was a showcase presented by our creatives highlighting our capabilities, work, case studies, disciplines etc. The student spent the rest of their afternoon learning more about the agency, engaging with our employees or working on briefs.

SCA showcase

“We are of the belief that historically, opportunities in our industry have not been handed out or earned equally. So, tms is trying to do something to change the norm, which is why we are so proud of our association with the SCA. As a part of this journey we were humbled to host a creative showcase for the students, many of whom come from unpredictable and unorthodox paths. We believe we have a responsibility to give back, to inspire, and in sharing some of our work, culture and advice, we hope to have started to make the prospect of equal opportunity for all, a more tangible reality. This is just the start of an ongoing relationship with the SCA and we look forward to more meaningful connections in the months to come.” – Stephen Bushe.

By partnering with the SCA, tms continues to support and contribute directly to the training of a number of students who would otherwise lack the resources to gain entry to the creative advertising industry.