tms honored for long-term partnership at McDonald’s India Supplier Symposium

The recipient holding the award at the India supplier symposium in front of a McDonald's sign.

tms was recently honored at the McDonald’s India Supplier Symposium for our unwavering dedication, shared achievements, and long-term partnership of 27 years with McDonald’s India. The symposium took place from December 4 to 6 in Goa, India to discuss McDonald’s future goals in the supply chain and sourcing categories, with suppliers from categories like food and beverage, equipment, and packaging attending the event. 

McDonald’s highlighted tms for the key role we play in their supply chain and sourcing successes, garnering attention from McDonald’s clients and other suppliers alike. Our parent company, HAVI, achieved a significant feat by winning the most awards in the packaging category than any other company.

In the luminosity of this accolade, we derive affirmation for our unwavering dedication and draw inspiration for the journey that lies ahead. This achievement transcends mere recognition; it stands as a reflection of the collective spirit propelling our organization towards a purposeful and impactful future.

Nadir Ali
Director of Account Management at tms India

We are proud to be recognized by McDonald’s for our partnership, and this award invigorates our teams to continue streamlining best practices, sourcing quality ingredients and materials, and delivering the best possible customer experience. 

Learn more about our global sourcing operations for McDonald’s on our website.