tms helps thank McDonald’s crew with ‘Thank You Crew’ program

tms helps thank McDonald's crew with 'Thank You Crew' program

We’re proud to play a part in thanking McDonald’s US Crew members under their new brand trust initiative, “Now Serving™.” The “Thank You Crew” campaign, a subset of that initiative, aims to recognize Crew that go above and beyond for customers or deserve extra recognition for what they do. “Now Serving™” will be an ongoing brand initiative for McDonald’s in 2023 and beyond, focused on highlighting their goals of selling delicious food and serving communities.

Our retail team helped bring “Thank You Crew” to life via in-store elements including a bag stuffer and counter card with a tear pad that can be torn off, executed in both English and Spanish. From April 21 until May 22, customers can tear off a sheet from the Tear Pad to take with them for more information on the program and scan the code that leads them to the website for submission of their favorite crew story.

Thank You Crew Man poster Thank You Crew Woman poster

Our promotions and activations team also refreshed the website to align with the new Thank You Crew and “Now Serving™” program’s visual identity. The site serves as the program’s story submission hub, where customers, Crew, restaurant managers, among others can submit stories about Crew members to thank them for all they do. The refreshed launched on Thursday, April 20th.

Some of our favorite stories live on so far include:

A Special “Little Nugget” Delivery

When customers needed them most, this Atlanta McDonald’s Crew delivered – literally! Sha’querria, Keisha and Tunisia took customer care to new heights when they helped an expecting mother give birth in their restaurant.

Thank You, Atlanta Crew!

Raising the Bar on Customer Service

Compassionate. Sensitive. Understanding. These are just a few words that describe Matt, who goes above and beyond to look out for his customers in Rochester, New York, going so far as to bringing drinks out to this favorite customer’s car.

Thank You, Matt!

Celebrating a Quarter of a Century in the Crew

For some, 25 years is just a number. For Jamie, it’s 25 years of smiles, good vibes and being a wonderful start to her customers’ days. The Owner/Operators of the Costa Enterprises organization and its executive staff celebrated 25 years of Jamie at their Bluewater Bay, Florida, McDonald’s with cake and a special lunch where they unveiled a plaque in her honor.

Thank You, Jamie!

Erica Goldstick, Senior Account Executive at tms said: “From a retail perspective, the Thank You Crew April ’23 window within McDonald’s Brand Trust initiative was super interesting and fun to work on because we were able to focus on and celebrate McDonald’s brand values and culture. It felt super special to help shine a light on McDonald’s Crew and the important role they play within McDonald’s ecosystem. In addition, with the code included on retail elements for consumers to submit their crew stories, McDonald’s is able to tangibly see those meaningful connections made each day.”

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