tms helps McDonald’s celebrate Grimace’s birthday

Grimace's birthday packaging

From June 12-July 9 McDonald’s is celebrating their beloved character Grimace’s birthday. Customers will have the chance to purchase a special birthday meal, featuring a Grimace Shake, fries, and either 10-piece Chicken McNuggets® or a Big Mac®.

tms is proud to have helped execute this promotion across multiple retail touch points, from window posters to digital menu board layouts and more. Our embedded post-production house, Slate, worked closely with our Retail Experience team and brought Grimace’s birthday to life with playful 3D animations. Dimensional confetti and type that bounces off the glass are just what Grimace needed to celebrate his big day.

And Boxer Brand Design, our embedded branding and packaging agency, have ensured the party keeps going with collectible packaging fit for our favorite purple friend.

The fun doesn’t stop there, it keeps going on Our team also helped to coordinate a capsule collection inspired by Grimace and in honor of his big day. While supplies last, customers can purchase tees, hats, socks, pins, and even a Grimace pool float.

Head to your nearest McDonald’s to get in on the birthday fun and try the Grimace shake!

Grimace poster in McDonald's window
Grimace's birthday on

Being able to celebrate an iconic McDonald’s character’s birthday, opens the door to a lot of creative opportunities. We explored everything from purple fur to sprinkles, ultimately releasing an in the moment party scene. Confetti, a purple shake and playful designs will help make this birthday memorable. We just hope Grimace is ready!

Arthur Czerep
Associate Creative Director at tms
Grimace menu board at drive-thru