tms helps level-up strategic marketing skills for students in Hong Kong

Jonathan presents animatedly to City University Students

On April 12th, Jonathan Chan, Director, Experience Design and Strategy at tms, hosted a lecture at The English Department of City University Hong Kong on the importance of research and insights in marketing and advertising.

The lecture led directly into a coaching session for the students regarding their year-end project, which required teams to storyboard an advertisement aimed at building brand love. The students presented and discussed their ideas for brands such as Tesla, Heinz, Coke, Durex and Apple.

For Jonathan, the experience is mutually beneficial. “Interacting with students never fails to inspire and challenge. They help us ask new questions, see things from a different perspective, and come up with new ideas. In addition, our engagement of students also helps with creating interest in tms as a potential future employer.”

These lectures and coaching sessions are part of a larger partnership with the university, where Jonathan has a role as an industry representative for the university’s advisory committee. This role was borne out of hosting and mentoring interns within a structured program for over two years.

In addition to interacting with the students, Jonathan also gets to interact with the faculty and wider network for City University, supplying a wide range of opportunities to raise the profile of tms in the marketplace as well as within academic circles.


Jonathan Chan and students at City University Hong Kong