tms’ Future Lab listed on the Mojo Hot 100 for most influential toy and game design

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We are thrilled to announce that tms’ Future Lab team has been honored as a leading Research and Development (R&D) influencer in the 2024 Mojo Hot 100 publication, recognizing the huge impact this team has generated in such a short time since its inception. 

Mojo Nation is the toy and games industry’s leading body dedicated to celebrating, championing, and connecting the creativity of the toy, game, design, and inventing community. The Mojo Nation 100: 2024 Edition – in association with Hasbro – is a list of the top 100 most influential figures currently working in the toy and game design industries who have excelled over the last 12 months. 

We’re delighted and very proud of our Future Lab team, that was only established from scratch just over 2 years ago has already been recognised in the toy and games industry as leading Research and Development (R&D) influencers. We have a super-talented team of inventors, scientists and creators who work closely with senior leaders at McDonald’s to really make a difference to meet ambitious sustainability goals, on a global scale.

Geoff Smyrk
VP and Global Creative Director at tms

tms’ Future Lab is a global team of cross-functioning specialties formed to support and grow McDonald’s Global Family efforts in testing and developing sustainable toy and game design. As a team that was formed only two years ago, they have already managed to tackle big issues around new and sustainable material sourcing to significantly reduce environmental impacts. tms’ Future Lab ideates at pace, bridging new material opportunities with play experiences that will elevate the McDonald’s Happy Meal® experience across global and local markets.  

Working alongside a renowned research agency to test and learn how new ideas resonate with a global audience of kids from 4 to 8 years,Future Lab has quickly established a wealth of new toy and game solutions and experiences that supported Happy Meal® campaigns through 2023, with a host of new ideas breaking through 2024 and into 2025.

This recognition from Mojo Nation invigorates tms to continue delivering sustainable, entertaining, and innovative game and toy solutions to our clients, and in turn, to their customers.