tms doubles the appeal of McDonald’s MONOPOLY game with Double Peel Gameplay

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Launched on September 6th, and running for six weeks, McDonald’s MONOPOLY Double Peel is back for a second year, offering players another chance to double up on the excitement of the UK’s biggest prize promotion. Double Peel was introduced by McDonald’s and tms for last year’s McDonald’s MONOPOLY game extending the long-running prize promotion into the mobile app.


McDonald’s MONOPOLY Double Peel Gameplay

McDonald’s MONOPOLY returns to the UK for its 17th year and offers customers a chance to win prizes by peeling from selected McDonald’s items bought in-store. The peel reveals instant prizes and properties corresponding with the MONOPOLY board. Collecting a complete set of properties on the MONOPOLY board can lead to fantastic prize wins such as £100,000 cash.

After a huge take up of McDonald’s MONOPOLY Double Peel game last year, we decided to repeat the experience with additional features. Fusing physical and digital play has been a hit with customers and this year we are also introducing the “Bank or Swap” mechanism which will increase the fun even more.

Rosie Farmer
Account Director

Customers quickly adopted Double Peel when tms launched it last year. Now the new 2023 added gameplay features increase the fun even more. Customers playing in the app can unlock a new gameplay that gives them another chance to win. “Bank or Swap” means customers who reveal a more frequently found property can either bank it in their digital wallet, or they can swap it for another more frequently found property – which could turn out to be the same one – or swap it for a £100K prize draw entry.

McDonalds MONOPOLY returns for its 17th year on the trot, and the only people more excited than us are our customers. We have doubled down on our successful ‘Double Peel’ innovation that extends the game into digital spaces, but as always have evolved the game from last year to increase the fun even more with a rejuvenated prize pool and the all new “Bank or Swap” feature!

John McClure
Brand Manager

tms developed the MONOPOLY Double Peel campaign strategy, game mechanic, visual identity, packaging, digital gameplay and language, including the campaign strapline “PEEL on pack then PEEL in app.”

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