tms actions against everyday sexism by joining #StOpE initiative

initiative StOpE

On January 25th, the French national day against sexism, tms took action against ordinary sexism in the workplace by joining the #StOpE initiative. This initiative aims to implement good practices and concrete actions every year to permanently reduce ordinary sexism in the workplace. Alongside 47 other committed organizations, tms’s Mark Watson, Managing Director, International Marketing Services, signed a pledge to take action on one or more of the following priorities during 2023.

  • Display and apply the zero-tolerance principle
  • Raise awareness of sexist behavior (acts, words, attitudes) and their impacts
  • Provide targeted training on obligations and best practices related to fighting everyday sexism
  • Circulate educational material to help employees address sexist behavior in the company
  • Encourage all employees to contribute, i.e. prevent and identify sexist behavior, and respond when facing with everyday sexism
  • Prevent situations involving sexism; provide individual support for victims and witnesses so that they can report sexist behavior, and for decision-makers so that they can address it
  • Punish reprehensible behavior, communicate on the associated disciplinary measures
  • Measure and introduce indicators to monitor progress and adapt the policy to fight against everyday sexism

“tms is steadfast in its belief that to thrive, our workplace must be one where everyone feels safe, that they are respected and that they belong.  Signing the Stope pledge not only reinforces our commitment to this, but also highlights how people can hold us, and everyone in the business, accountable and helps us always improve.” Mark Watson, Managing Director, International Marketing Services

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