tms commits to 13000 volunteer hours in 2024

A group of tms volunteers at the Bernie's Book Bank warehouse with books smiling at the camera

We were proud to have wrapped up 2023 with a genuinely incredible amount of volunteer work across the globe. Thanks to all our employees who participated throughout the year, we exceeded our commitment of 9,000 volunteer hours with final results of 11,130 hours nearly 125% of our start-of-year goal! If you missed it, check out our 2023 end-of-year volunteering recap for details on some of our most recent efforts. 


In 2024, we’re setting our volunteer goal at 13,000 hours. Which we’ve already hit the ground running to meet! Teams in London have already volunteered at the Coin Street Centre and at the London Ronald McDonald House Charities, and a team in Chicago set up to volunteer with the American Heart Association in February. And if you’ve recently volunteered, or are planning to soon, let us know via the link below!  

I truly appreciate working for a place that reminds me of the big picture. Our careers are important, but there are more important things out there, too. We need to be active members of our communities and proactively lend a hand when we can.

If you’ve ever thought of volunteering, I recommend getting started by trying out a few different causes. I started volunteering directly in my local animal shelter – cleaning, feeding, dog walking, and helping match adopters with animals. The absolute best part about volunteering is that no action is too big or too small.

All it takes is stepping forward and asking the question – what can I do to help?

Jesek Rogers
Associate Global Trade Analyst at tms

I’ve been involved with Camp Casey, an overnight camp for children with physical disabilities, for over 13 years. We plan activities all week including a talent show, dance, and even go-carts! 

Like Camp Casey, Havi envisions a future filled with inclusive communities for people with different abilities. I hope our Havi community continues to show up, make connections, and contribute time and resources to make our diverse communities better for all. 

Marie Zinck
Sourcing Lead, Global Merchandise Services, Starbucks

This accomplishment truly reflects your commitment to not only the betterment of our planet but also the improvement and nurturing of each of our local communities—and to our Better Future Blueprint.