tms brings to life the retail experience for McDonald’s Cardi B and Offset meal

Cardi B Offset

tms is proud to have created a robust restaurant — experience for McDonald’s Cardi B and Offset couple’s meal launching on Valentine’s Day.

First announced following the Super Bowl, McDonald’s collaboration with one of music’s biggest husband-and-wife duos was hotly anticipated. tms worked closely with the famous couple’s teams to create the campaign promotional assets seen throughout the customer retail experience. Our creative begins at the restaurant exterior and continues in-store, or to the drive-through point-of-purchase, and then closes the loop with post-purchase imagery featuring Cardi B and Offset congratulating customers on their order choice. That’s not all, as Boxer Brand Design — our embedded branding and packaging agency — executed the creative focus to produce eye-catching promotional carry out bags and cold cups given to customers for the duration of the program.

Cardi B Offset

Available until March 12th, there’s still time to get your order in!

Cardi B Offset


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February 16, 2024
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