tms named in Mojo Nation Top 100

Mojo Nation 100 logo

We are excited to share that we have been recognized among the best in toy and game design in Mojo Nation’s Top 100 list, marking the fifth year in a row that the team has earned this honor. Specifically, we received recognition Research & Development category for our work on McDonald’s Happy Meal® programs in 2021.

Our Vice President, Global Creative Director, Geoff Smyrk was spotlighted in the Mojo Nation feature “Why Design?” Speaking to the initial motivation behind working in the world of toy and game design development. Geoff said, “For me, it was the LEGO Tug Boat. Just imagine a boat, that comes in bits — even the hull — and is made from relatively heavy parts, that you build and actually floats in the bath. It blew my mind!”

You can view all the winners in Mojo Nation’s Top 100 here.