The Kerwin Frost Box dropped at McDonald’s

Large sign of the Kerwin Frost Meal and characters with McDonald's store in the background

McDonald’s latest campaign featuring The Kerwin Frost Box has dropped around the globe. Kerwin Frost is a life-long McDonald’s lover as well as a creative director, DJ, street style icon, interview host, and artist from Harlem best known for his work within the fashion and music spheres.

This campaign merges his style with the iconic elements of McDonald’s brand. With The Kerwin Frost Box customers have their choice of a Big Mac® sandwich or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets® with medium World Famous Fries, a medium drink, and a McNugget Buddies collectible.

tms helped create an integrated Kerwin Frost Box experience for customers, leveraging our capabilities in packaging, product, and retail experience. This is the second program of this kind. Read about our work on The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box earlier this year. 

tms’s embedded branding and packaging design agency Boxer Brand Design helped bring the box to life, while tms and HAVI managed the procurement of raw materials and box production. Designed by Kerwin Frost, the box artwork features The McNugget Buddies of Frost Way. Each of these champions self-expression differently through their unique outfits and stories — Kerwin Frost through limitless creativity and laughter, Brrrick through high-fashion, Darla through music, Waffutu through helping others in need, Don Bernice through entrepreneurship, and Uptown Moe through hometown pride.

Image of the Kerwin Meal box

The McNugget Buddies can be remixed and styled, swapping the outfits from one to another, encouraging customers to collect them all and get creative. Each comes with a collectible trading card with more info about who the buddy is. These collectibles and outfits were designed by Kerwin and produced by tms’ collaborative global teams.

A full lineup of the McNugget buddies
6 McNugget buddies playing cards

Across retail touchpoints in-store and at drive-thru, we also crafted visual elements that integrate the box’s style to surprise and delight customers throughout their purchasing journey, communicate the new exciting box, unique collectibles  and drive home craveability.

Kerwin McDonald's retail electronic kiosks

Head to your nearest McDonald’s to grab your Kerwin Frost Box before they’re gone!

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