Tania Wendt discusses her AI predictions for 2024 with Mediashotz

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Our SVP of strategy and Engagement Tania Wendt recently spoke with Mediashotz to discuss her predictions on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will shape 2024’s media landscape in their article, “Predictions 2024: Adland on the Biggest Trends Ahead.”

Tania describes that while some people may be weary of AI, she is excited for the tool to transform the marketing world for the better in a productive and creative sense.

AI will make it possible for individuals that cannot draw, feel they are not typically creative thinkers, have a hard time articulating thoughts…you get my point. If you have an idea, but it’s just amorphous, AI will be able to help you shape it, visualize it, and even build a business case for it.

Tania Wendt
SVP of Strategy and Engagement

Read more about Tania’s thoughts on AI in the marketing industry on Mediashotz.

Tania Wendt

Tania has spent 20 years developing business-driving customer engagements and effective strategic disciplines that benefit consumers and brands. She creates unique solutions informed by best-in-class principles and inspired by innovation. Tania uses the same mentality —science plus art — to cultivate diverse agency talent with a respect for analytics and its translation into insights.

When she’s not busy motivating customer behavior or fostering the marketing leaders of tomorrow, Tania enjoys the simple things, like having a good glass of wine, creating something masterful with whatever is in the fridge, or delighting in the wonder of the world through the eyes of her two children.

Headshot of Tania Wendt