Supporting mental health at tms’ London office

Group of colleagues excercising inside

To recognize Mental Health Awareness Week, our London office hosted a series of in-person events each day. Mental Health Awareness Week started in 2001, with the goal to educate and raise awareness about Mental Health, as well as provide resources and tips on how to improve one’s own mental health.  

At tms, we deeply value maintaining a healthy work-life balance, checking in on our co-workers, and hosting events which prioritize our employees’ wellbeing. In such a fast-paced and demanding industry, we strive to prioritize our colleagues’ mental health every day, providing safe spaces and trusted colleagues, like our Mental Health Champions, to speak to in times of need. 

tms’ Mental Health Champions are a group of colleagues at the London office who have volunteered and trained as Mental Health First Aids to help provide comfort and safe spaces for fellow peers in times of emotional distress. To start the week strong, the Mental Health Champions shared how they incorporate physical movement into their daily lives.  

People practicing yoga

Another event brought unexpected delight with a session of “laughter yoga.” As silly as it sounds, laughter yoga is not just fun but also physically and mentally beneficial, as it releases dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. The afternoon followed with less physical and more artistic activities, with the creation of an impressive mosaic mural featuring over 90 contributions from both London and Paris. 

Stephen Bushe, tms’ Executive Creative Director, hosted a calming Tai Chi session, and that afternoon, Journalist Nicola Kemp gave a talk on finding “the blend” (not balance) between work and life. She explains that a work-life “balance” separates the two parts of our lives altogether, while a work-life “blend” is a healthier way of merging the two, where leisure and work can be combined. 

Some of our London colleagues attended the workshop hosted by The Alliance, “How to be Kinder to Yourself,” with guest speaker Megan Nicola. Listeners walked away feeling empowered and inspired, reminding us that we all face challenges, but we are not alone in our experience. If you would like to check out more of her content, it can be found across Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Josh Connolly led the session, “Time to Talk Day,” which focused on a more intense and unique type of breathwork that can serve as an emotional release, reminding us of the importance of taking care of our physical health and listening to our bodies. 

tms London colleagues stretching

The week commenced with a physical competition led by Nick Canavan, a tms Account Director. Colleagues competed in various fitness challenges like push-ups, planks, wall sits, and lateral raises. With the theme of this year’s Mental Health Week being “Movement: Moving more for our mental health,” this activity was the perfect way to practice healthy habits. 

To support our long-term sponsorship of The London Nautical School, tms hosted a design contest where students showed off their creative skills and visited the office to present their ideas, receiving plenty of moral support and positive feedback! The goal of the day was for colleagues to feel good by uplifting others. The students were also challenged to get out and do something productive the next day, with the best picture sent in winning a prize. 

Whether it’s through art, movement, or laughter, the London tms-ers showed up and showed out to support each other and raise awareness about the importance of mental health – thank you to all our thoughtful colleagues who attended and made this week so impactful.