Ryan Kite-Hedges shares with MediaCat why honesty is the best policy for marketers 2024

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Ryan Kite-Hedges, tms’ SVP of Strategy and Experience, discusses why honesty is the best strategy for the new year in MediaCat’s article, “Embracing honesty in marketing is essential for 2024.” Ryan emphasizes the importance of brand transparency and authenticity, stressing that there is a consumer need for “radical honesty” in the industry.

Imagine a brand gave realistic selling points, tips on how to overcome any product weaknesses, and showed real people using the product. Doing this requires internal marketing bravery to divert from the mass and highlight what makes a brand sing. Brands can own what is natively theirs.

Ryan Kite-Hedges
tms’ SVP of Strategy and Experience

Ryan explains that to meet consumer needs, we must listen to their desires rather than hopping on buzzworthy trends. Such deliverables must then be marketed in an honest and realistic manner, which may go against industry norms.

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Ryan Kite-Hedges

Ryan Kite-Hedges has nearly twenty years of experience across building digital experiences, strategy, and brand loyalty. He learned the ropes on brands such as Pepsi, Bud Light, and Universal Studios. He currently is the SVP, Strategy and Experience for tms and runs a team of Digital Experience experts working on marque clients like T‑Mobile, Samsung, and McDonald’s.

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