Phil Fernandez talks great UX with LBB

Hand creating a drawing of a wireframe

Offering great customer experiences is growing increasingly important as consumers have more and more brands to choose from. Our Senior UX Designer Phil Fernandez was interviewed by Little Black Book (LBB) alongside other experts in their recent article, “Why Great UX Should Surprise and Delight.” 

Phil focuses on why it can be risky to subvert user’s expectations and recommends instead focusing on delightful experiences that are grounded in research the whole way through.

Check out his recommendations on Little Black Book Online.

Philip (Phil) Fernandez

Phil is an inquisitive and empathetic designer who tasks himself to being a ‘sense-maker’ (i.e. someone who makes sense of all the needs and requirements of the user and the stakeholders of a given project/product). In Phil’s time at tms, he has had roles in launching digital promotions, performed research studies and designing user experiences for global promotions, games, and internal tools.

Phil lives in Chicago with his wife (Irena) and Golden Retriever (Bentley).

Phil Fernandez black and white headshot