MD Brian Barthelt assists with programming curriculum for 5th graders

children and teacher in a classroom

Brian Barthelt, MD Marketing Services Americas & Global MarTech at tms (formerly The Marketing Store), recently had the pleasure of working with Jody Dorencz, an art Teacher at Woodgate Elementary in Matteson, IL, to integrate game programming into their curriculum. Jody teaches a class of 5th graders and has been able to include the game programming into their classes with guidance from Brian; they used a children-friendly programming language called “Scratch”. The kids were highly engaged and enjoyed learning and building their own designs during the last eight weeks of the academic year.


Children using a computer


“This has been a wonderful undertaking. The kids were more engaged in this project than any other I can remember.  After seeing the impact, I’m definitely planning to make this a permanent part of the curriculum,” said Jody Dorencsz.

Working with Jody and the school Principal, Brian has discussed making this an annual project while also planning to work with the STEM program at the middle school associated with Woodgate Elementary. With many more plans to increase engagement as the educational level increases, Brian has made school outreach his Better Future Blueprint goal this year. Better Future Blueprint is the set of commitments HAVI and its business units are making to inspire a better future for people, communities, and the planet.

Brian also gave the class a presentation on careers in marketing and technology. Eager and interested to know more, the kids quizzed Brian with questions for over an hour. He further suggested ideas on how to continue their learning over the summer break, immersing more in game development. The kids showed their appreciation for Brian’s teaching with a framed picture with their signatures and a thank you.


Framed thank-you note to teacher