McDonald’s names tms Global Supplier of the Year

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tms (formerly The Marketing Store), a global customer engagement agency, was awarded the Global Supplier of the Year Award for their work with McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Francesca DeBiase, EVP Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer at McDonald’s, presented the award at the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention and highlighted the outstanding work tms (formerly The Marketing Store) has done to optimize the Happy Meal toy production infrastructure, transitioning smoothly to become the sole production agency, creating significant cost savings, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards for such a critical element of McDonald’s family business.

“It’s partners like tms (formerly The Marketing Store) who prioritize McDonald’s as a customer and live our supply chain values every single day,” says Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO. “They are great examples of self-managed excellence in action … always innovating, helping to offset rising costs and investing in technology for all the benefits of our future. We win together.”

tms (formerly The Marketing Store) and McDonald’s have been in partnership together for more than 30 years.

Originally published here on QSR Magazine.