McDonald’s Global Sustainability Award

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tms (formerly The Marketing Store) and our parent company HAVI were honored to receive the 2022 Global Sustainability Award at McDonald’s Worldwide Convention this April for our efforts to establish goals, develop strategies and drive sustainability transformation in packaging and Happy Meal.

To ensure the operation of a sustainable supply chain at McDonald’s, we have developed 2025 Packaging & Waste country roadmap commitments, and we helped achieve McDonald’s 2020 goal to source 100% of fiber-based packaging from Chain of Custody certified sources.

We also set the first goal in the Happy Meal category — to introduce more sustainable Happy Meal toys globally by 2025. And, we’re already actioning against this goal. Read about the latest Germany Happy Meal, featuring books made out of recycled cold cup materials.


HAVI Supply Chain helped improve McDonald’s in-restaurant sustainable footprint, from collecting Used Cooked Oil, cardboard, cups and more from restaurants to generating biodiesel from waste in Europe, optimizing the use of empty truck space in Spain, and eliminating the use of shrink wrap in distribution centers.

Frank Ravndal, CEO of HAVI, said, “We are proud to partner with McDonalds to drive continuous innovation and improvement in sustainable sourcing and logistics. Together we can create impact beyond our footprint.”

We look forward to continuing to work with McDonald’s to meet their sustainability goals and make the world a better place for our customers and communities.

For an overview of all our recent sustainability efforts, click here.