Marching in the 50th Pride in London Parade

Pride flag

We’re very proud to be joining our parent company, HAVI, in marching in the Pride in London parade for the first time on Saturday 2nd June, 2022. This year is a significant one for the Pride movement and the LGBT+ community, as it’s 50 Years since the first Pride took place in the United Kingdom.

Pride in London is a non-for-profit run by a group of volunteers passionate about equality and diversity. Their event will commemorate the past 50 years and the Pride evolution as a movement, acknowledging those torch bearers who have come before us and their achievements while also looking forward to the next 50 years and recognizing the challenges still faced by the community nationally and globally.

Our LGBTQ+ focused Employee Resource Group (ERG), Rainbow, organized participation of 50 HAVI employees, including some of our own at tms (formerly The Marketing Store), in the march. They’ve also planned celebrations afterward in our office in central London. Watch this space for more information on how we celebrated Pride across our different global offices during June and July.

More on Rainbow 

Rainbow is an Employee Resource Group representing, and advocating for, LGBTQ+ employees and the wider LGBTQ+ community at HAVI. They started up in September 2021 and aim to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ folks so they can thrive as their authentic selves, spread awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and challenges, and educate others on topics related to identifying as LGBTQ+. Rainbow works with our ERGs to drive forward an inclusive culture and focus on areas of intersectionality — where identities combine and create additional disadvantages, such as being LGBTQ+ and Black for example. They welcome support and participation from allies at HAVI who do not identify as LGBTQ+.