Malavika Rajkumar Justus shares how volunteering can boost business on LBB

Seattle employees cleaning up neighborhood

Our Senior Manager of Global Sustainability, Malavika Rajkumar Justus, spoke with Little Black Book to discuss how volunteer initiatives can benefit business in Why Volunteering Is a Boost to Business.” In the article, Malavika highlights the positive impact volunteering not only has on employee culture and camaraderie, but also the tangible business growth it can create. 

By committing time and resources to volunteering whether this is for specific dates, or year-round businesses are investing in communities, skills building, team bonding, confidence, and a sense of well-being, all of which can have a positive knock-on effect in terms of the attraction and retention of talent and a healthy bottom line.

Malavika Rajkumar Justus
Senior Manager, Global Sustainability at tms

As part of tms’ Better Future Blueprint, our pledge outlining social and sustainable commitments which includes achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, our goal is to achieve 13,000 volunteer hours by the end of 2024. Not only does this goal unite colleagues but proves to our clients our dedication to bettering the environment and our local communities. 

Malavika also explains that a hybrid work environment has given more opportunities for employees to participate in initiatives they are passionate about, resulting in an increase in global community reach. There are many types of volunteer work employees can get involved in, including hands-on volunteering, skill-based volunteering, and acts of care, such as activities that contribute to the well-being of others. 

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