Malavika Rajkumar highlights the importance of tms’ mission-driven values for Built In

A circle of hands coming together in the middle with the Better Future Blueprint logo in the center

tms’ Senior Manager of Global Sustainability, Malavika Rajkumar, shared the benefits of working at a mission-driven company like tms in Built In’s recent feature, “More Than a Statement: What Being Mission-Driven Actually Means.”

Malavika explained that tms has a unique approach to Corporate Social Responsibility through frameworks like our Better Future Blueprint, which highlights tms’ commitment to environmental sustainability. She also stated that the Power of And, our philosophy which unites technology, marketing, and sourcing to revolutionize leading brands, serves as a guidepost for all areas of business to reference to keep the business focused on its core principles.

At tms, our ambition is to help some of the world’s most beloved brands thrive responsibly. By harnessing our superpower, The Power of And, we help large, complex organizations thrive with industry leading data informed marketing and sourcing solutions.

Malavika Rajkumar
Senior Manager of Global Sustainability

tms’ mission-driven values are evident in our commitment to DE&I, which was a major factor in Malavika’s decision to work here as an Asian American. She appreciated that during her interview process, tms took responsibility for the diversity gaps they currently have within the company and briefed her on the changes they will implement to improve DE&I in the future.

To learn more about Malavika’s commitment to tms’ mission, read the full article on Built In.