John Viccars shares how to capitalize on promotions as cultural, brand-building events with WARC

John Viccars, tms’ International Marketing Strategy Lead, shared his expert insights on the evolving landscape of promotions with WARC. Traditionally viewed as a poor relation to brand building, promotions have now evolved to become culturally-driven and tech-inspired events that not only achieve commercial success but also build brand identity.

Promotions used to get a bad rap and be seen as a poor relation to brand building, but thanks to innovative brands who see beyond traditional marketing models, promotions have evolved to become culture-driven and tech inspired.

John Viccars
International Marketing Strategy Lead at tms

John highlights several examples of promotions that are culturally relevant to the brand with strong digital experiences, such as McDonald’s Surprize Fries and Cadbury’s Secret Santa Postal Service, demonstrating how promotions can extend customer joy into winning possibilities and deepen customer relationships.

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