John Hartline highlights the importance of allyship for the 5th annual Empowering Women in Industry Conference

John Hartline seated in the middle of the stage at the women empowerment conference

The 5th Annual Empowering Women in Industry Conference was held last month in Chicago and featured tms’ John Hartline, Managing Director, Global Supply Chain on an exciting panel discussion titled “Ally Panel: Mentorship and Sponsorship.” The conference aimed to facilitate connections and growth in areas like authentic leadership, resilience, embracing feminine energy, negotiation, executive presence, and financial wellness, and brought together a diverse group of women, from welders to CEOs, across a range of industries.

John was invited by one of tms’ suppliers, Jill Miller, Founder & CEO of Lunum, who recognized through her collaboration with John that he is a genuine ally, not only to her but to other women at tms, such as Debra Voss, Senior Director Supply Chain & Diversity, who was also in attendance.

The meeting blew my mind – the energy was great and there was a constant positive thread encouraging the audience to take charge of their career path, support each other in that effort, and to be unapologetic in self-promotion. I left the event having learned a lot, with a better perspective of the challenges women leaders face every day in the workplace, and with renewed faith that we’re all on a positive journey to a better tomorrow.

John Hartline
Managing Director of Global Supply Chain at tms

John’s participation further underscores the crucial role he wishes to play in advancing gender equity. By actively engaging in conversations designed to uplift and support women, all three panelists displayed their dedication to creating a more equitable future for everyone.

John shared insights on how mentorship can provide women with the guidance, support, and encouragement needed to navigate the complexities of the industry. Additionally, he stressed the significance of sponsorship, where influential leaders actively advocate for the advancement of women by providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills and talents.

John Hartline in the middle speaking at the women empowerment conference with one person on either side of him