Jim McLaughlin speaks on the power of AI for businesses in 2024

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Our Senior Director of Engineering, Jim McLaughlin, spoke with Built In to share insights on upcoming enterprise technology trends to watch in 2024. In the article, “2024 Vision: The Definitive Upcoming Trends in Enterprise Technology,” Jim reflects on the power AI holds, delving into its benefits for companies, employees, and consumers alike.

At tms, we are focused on designing systems that empower and delight our end users rather than introducing AI capabilities for their own sake. We believe the future is in applications that demonstrate self-awareness, adapting their UI to meet the user’s reference frame rather than vice-versa.

Jim McLaughlin
Senior Director of Engineering at tms

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Jim McLaughlin

Jim McLaughlin is the Lead Software Architect for Marketing Technology at tms and has built high-performance, safety-critical distributed systems for over 20 years. He started his technology career building the first demand-side energy management system to use the public internet to prevent rolling blackouts in California and Southeast United States. With NSA and Special Operations Command, he built mobile routers to secure sensor mesh networks. Prior to joining tms, he worked with Sandia National Labs to improve perimeter defense for nuclear power plants with real-time machine learning algorithms. 

As a software architect at tms, Jim applies his experience to the MarTech Digital Platform teams to build products such as Offer Creation Engine (OCE) and iWin. As part of the AI Working Group, he works with talented colleagues across HAVI and tms to sort through the hype and find opportunities for AI to bring real benefit to our work.

In his personal time, Jim enjoys studying Zen and Tai Chi with his wife, working in the garden, and caring for a small but growing menagerie of non-human family members. 

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