Introducing T-Mobile 22222SDAYS

T-Mobile 22222 logo

2’s are everywhere you look in 2022, and we’ve been counting down the days until 2/22/22. We couldn’t think of a better time for T‑Mobile to dial up the appreciation in 22+ ways in the T‑Mobile Tuesdays app since it falls on, you guessed it – a Tuesday!

Customers will have the chance to snag all kinds of 2-themed thankings — like 2-for-1 Chicken Sandwiches, .22 cent/gallon gas, 22 free photo prints, $2 coffee cards and more — all day long on 2/22/22. These giveaways involve gamification too. Tuesdays users can play interactive 2-themed games with a chance to win $222k!

Even better, Tuesdays is keeping this  2-themed celebration going all year long with $2 coffee cards, $2 movies tickets and 2-for-1 pizzas to show appreciation to the best customers around.

Head to the T‑Mobile App to see 22222SDAYS for yourself! And read more here.