HAVI and tms awarded German Award for sustainability projects

Two female leaders receive award

HAVI Germany has just been honored with the German Award for Sustainability Projects in the Package Solution category from the German Institute of Service Quality, news channel ntv, and Bertelsmann’s DUP Unternehmer magazine.

The award represents the strength of HAVI’s Supply Chain and tms businesses bringing their capabilities and expertise together to create lasting solutions for our largest customer. HAVI’s award-winning development of the nationwide reusable packaging system for McDonald’s Germany was strategically implemented at 1,450 McDonald’s restaurants across Germany, beginning late in 2022.


The strategically assembled system includes: reusable containers designed by tms, McDonald’s deposit system, HAVI reverse logistics with existing transports, professional warewashing service by Remondis, clearing process with restaurants and partners by HAVI, and return transport — all integrated with seamless HAVI delivery. With this solution, HAVI Germany is positioned to develop the first integrated reusable system including warewashing service in system catering in Germany.

I am very proud of this recognition and of the achievement of our entire team, which developed and implemented this service! Our holistic view of system catering and a deep understanding of all supply chain elements make such a concept possible. We are continuing this path and will help to shape the system catering industry in a more sustainable and future-oriented way with our sustainability services. With new, innovative partners like Remondis, which takes over an essential part of the returnable packaging system with its rinsing logistics. And above all, with our tms colleagues who, as packaging experts, developed the Reusable Cups! This award is also for the whole team and all partners. Our heartfelt thanks to all of them!

Stavroula Ekoutsidou
CEO HAVI Germany

The reusable system makes major contributions to addressing legislative requirements in the market while also avoiding waste. Through the power of partnership, we have shown that we can achieve our objectives by tapping into creativity and fostering a collaborative spirit that paves the way to a better tomorrow.

HAVI takes great pride in the development of this award-winning system, which will serve as a model for others. As we remain committed to our sustainability goals and those of McDonald’s, we are grateful for our dedicated team who works tirelessly on these important opportunities to make a difference for all.

Together we have already been able to launch countless solutions in the areas of recycling and waste management in order to make a joint contribution to a more sustainable future…

Markus Weiß
Impact Lead at McDonald’s Germany


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