Hannah Partridge featured in ‘Her voice: IWD 2023’

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MediaShotz featured tms SVP of Client Engagement, Portfolio International Hannah Partridge in their latest article running up to International Women’s Day, “Her voice: IWD 2023.”

Hannah shares her perspective on gender equality and how conversations around it show up at home, at tms, and in the wider world. She speaks to awareness among GenZ, how men can support IWD and the women in their lives, her female role model, and more.

“While we’ve got a way to go for true equality, we’ve come a long way. For me, IWD is a fantastic moment to celebrate what it means to be a woman,” said Hannah. “This doesn’t have to be Nobel Prize-worthy achievements — but simple accolades of the everyday and a chance to recognise and celebrate female strength, resilience and ambition.”


Hannah Partridge