Fyonna Salazar speaks with MediaCat to discuss career winning strategies

Fyonna and a colleague at a volunteer event

Fyonna Salazar, Director of Strategy at tms, recently spoke with Mediacat to discuss career winning strategies that will advance your career to the next level in the article, “Passion about business goals: a winning career strategy.” 

Fyonna explained one of the major ways to be recognized by your company is to align with its values, and then actively participate in events that support those goals, demonstrating passion and commitment to your employer. Fyonna aligned with tms’ values through the volunteer network and her work with the Better Future Blueprint, which increased her visibility to leaders and made her a proactive asset to the company.

When I got involved with the Better Future Blueprint, tms had recently hired someone to carry out these initiatives. Partnering with her was one of the smartest things I’ve done, because then I could learn from her insights, and she’s become somewhat of a mentor. This has given me exposure to the senior leadership team, to help carve an entirely new pathway for my career.

Fyonna Salazar
Director of Strategy

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