Fyonna Salazar breaks down Gen Z’s financial attitudes and the implications for brands

Woman shopping in grocery store, picking up sustainable product

With the cost-of-living crisis shaping the way every consumer interacts in the marketplace, Gen Z teens and young adults are beginning to behave differently than the generations preceding them. tms Strategy Director Fyonna Salazar delves into this topic and why it matters for brands in WARC’s “Why Gen Z financial attitudes are different.”

From how Gen Z saves money to new, more sustainable shopping behaviors, the rise of dupes, influencer marketing, and more, Fyonna discusses what stands out with these consumers. Particularly, as this group enters the job market and earns additional spending power, she emphasizes what’s important for brands to pay attention to and embrace.

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The brands that can authentically embrace this generation’s unique sense of pragmatism about their economic struggles while simultaneously tapping into their optimism will strike the sweet spot.

Fyonna Salazar
Strategy Director

Fyonna Salazar

Fyonna is a bilingual first-generation marketing professional who specializes in business development strategies and consumer-facing communications. Her expertise lies in integrated marketing initiatives with a focus on go-to-market strategies, consumer insights and overall brand innovation. Her work is driven by consumer behavior analysis and decision science, resulting in strategic implications that better connect brands with their target audiences.

When she is not studying consumer behavior, Fyonna enjoys staying active at the gym, taking classes (spin class, cooking class, painting class — you name it!) and most of all she treasures spending quality time with her family, which includes watching her newborn baby grow and learn new things.

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